Laboratory for Biomaterials and Translational Medicine

The lab focuses on utilization of functional nanomaterials in diagnostic and therapeutic platforms, and find governing principles for biomecial materials design. Ultimate goals are starting from these findings, and will set a cutting-edge foundation of engineering sophisticated “multiscale biomedical material systems” for translational applications. In order to achieve the goals, we will emphasize fundamental understandings of how nano-structured materials interact with biological systems, and investigate the thermodynamic and kinetic basis of physicochemical interactions between synthetic biomedical materials and complex biological systems, with a specific focus on the surface chemistry and interface engineering.

The research group use transformative engineering approaches that will overcome severe limitations of conventional materials in two main areas: diagnostics and therapeutics. A key focus lies on understanding and engineering the biomedical material interfaces using innovative designs and state of the art characterization methods. The fundamental understandings of molecular processes at the interface will lead to universal design rules of biomedical materials for translational clinical applications. Toward this goal, we will use multidisciplinary approaches including synthetic chemistry, materials design and processing, molecular/cellular biology and tissue engineering.

We welcome applicants from excellent and enthusiastic students and postdocs to join our group. The group hosts chemists, engineers, materials scientists, cell biologists, and physicists who are looking for an interdisciplinary adventure! Prospective students and researchers are invited to directly contact Prof. Jinmyoung Joo.